DuruSystems - Efficient Digital Library Setup

Efficient Digital Library

We design and deploy robust thin client systems with latest technology.
Save your organization more than 80% on electricity and maintenance costs by leveraging the power of one PC unit to serve many users in your office, cybercafe, computer academy or school library.

The thin client infrastructure is sweeping through the computing world because of their unequalled ability to drastically reduce cost of acquisition, maintenance and power consumption. It relieves you of huge expenses on hardware and software acquisition, and energy consumption, as it leverages on the processing power of just one PC to take care of many user systems.
You don’t have to buy 20 system units, just one PC will power 20 client systems (and even more than 200) in your office, cybercafé, computer academy, or library.
You don’t need to buy software and license keys for each of the PCs in your offices for instance, just one will do for all the multiple user points.
Your technicians/engineers don’t need to struggle to maintain many PCs, just one good PC unit will be maintained.
Thin clients take very little space, hence they are very convenient for most environments where space is of consideration.
Conducive running environment due to no heat generated.
No mechanical parts that generate noise.
Very low energy consumption - a small generator can power many user systems, saving you up to 80% or more on energy costs.

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