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Miyapp Bulk SMS Gateway

Miyapp, a premium bulk sms solution from our innovative mobile communication platform lets you send bulk sms to any gsm line worldwide, with a free mobile app to manage your transactions directly on your mobile phone.
Get your messages 100% delivered, MTN/DND numbers included.
Failed sms on regular channel will automatically resend via our corporate TDDC channel, bypassing DND restrictions.
Highest delivery rate at most affordable cost.

You will also:

Have free access to gsm numbers of residents of any town/city/LGA in Nigeria.
Buy units at very affordable price (as low as N1.50/unit).
Receive instant free test units upon registration.
Integrate HTTP API into your existing applications at no extra cost.
Save costs as you won't be charged for sms that wasn't delivered.
Delivery to 222 countries/territories globally.
Send sms and manage your messages using our robust mobile app on your mobile phone.



Affordable website package for your business.
Showcase your products and services online and get even more sales.
WebFRONT is tailored to give you all you need to start up and maintain an effective online presence.
Integrated features to ensure your online success include:
Free search engine submission
1 year free domain registration and hosting
5 web pages
Domain email id’s (info@yourwebsite.com)
Live chat
Contact form
24/7 technical support.

Setup [N35,500]



Join a robust bulk sms platform built to guarantee success.

Get a completely FREE personalized website (YourCompanyName.com) loaded with 15,000 instant sms units for starters.
We guarantee delivery rate of ~100% to both DND and non-DND gsm numbers.
Our SMS delivery covers 222 countries/territories globally.
We take away most of the burden of running a bulk sms business from you...Only concentrate your efforts on making sales and profit.
Say goodbye to recurrent webhosting fees, as our highly optimized messaging platform carries all your website loads free.
Yes, we will host your website COMPLETELY FREE for the whole life of the business.
For your existing websites/apps, we will integrate our API or migrate whole website to our server and host same at no cost to you.
You buy units at reseller rates and resell to your customers at your own fixed price, keeping all the profits to yourself.
We charge only 1 unit per sms to all Nigerian gsm networks, MTN/DND numbers take 2 units.
NO hidden, complicated, monthly/yearly maintenance fee/charges.
Simply buy units at very low cost, resell and keep your profits.
Online payment gateway integration to enable you accept debit ATM cards on your website available.
Latest gsm numbers of residents of LGAs and states in Nigeria (valued at N300,000) available to you completely free.
Our dedicated 24/7 technical crew will be on hand to guide you, and get your business up and running within 7 days.

To join the SMSplus reseller system, make a one-time payment of N22,500 for startup units of bulk sms using any method below.

Pay Online

UBA Bank

DuruSystems Ltd.

Diamond Bank

DuruSystems Ltd.


DuruSystems Ltd.

Kindly note that this payment is for the initial 15,000 units that will be loaded into your website. After making payment, proceed by creating a free gateway profile here


Very affordable web hosting package for starters.
Free .TK, .ML, .GA, .CF, .GQ domains avalable for registration.
This solution is ideal for learning and live practice
It is also indispensable for those wishing to test their websites on live TLD domains before launch.

It gives you all the cPanel features of website hosting at a highly discounted price.

You also have the option of choosing between paid domain, or freely available top-level domains (TLDs).

Get 200MB/1GB, 5 email accounts, 5 databases, [free .TK, .ML, .GA, .CF, .GQ]. [N500/year]


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We design, supply and install robust thin client systems with latest technology. Save your organization more than 80% in maintenance costs by leveraging the power of one PC unit to serve many users in your office, cybercafe, computer academy or school library.

The thin client infrastructure is sweeping through the computing world because of their unequalled ability to drastically reduce cost of acquisition, maintenance and power consumption. It relieves you of huge expenses on hardware and software acquisition, and energy consumption, as it leverages on the processing power of just one PC to take care of many user systems.
You don’t have to buy 20 system units, just one PC will power 20 monitors (and even more) in your office, cybercafé, computer academy, or library.
You don’t need to buy software and license keys for 20 PCs for instance, just one will do for all the 20 user points.
Your technicians/engineers don’t need to struggle to maintain 20 PCs, just one good PC unit will be maintained.
Thin clients take very little space, hence they are very convenient for most environments where space is of consideration.
Conducive running environment due to no heat generated.
No mechanical parts that generate noise.
Very low energy consumption - a small generator can power more than 20 user systems, saving you up to 80% on energy costs.

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Affordable web portal for your school. Easy assessment of both academic and non-academic activities of each student. Admin section to manage your school activities. Public sections for students and parents to access results and assessment reports.

Whether you want to manage your student fees, assessment or maintain a direct link with parents, our EDUportal product is the ideal solution for your institution.

Setup [N79,500]


Ready-to-deploy Wifi service package for your office, hotel, restaurant/cafteria, or hostel. Earn additional income with ease. We supply fully functional out-of-the-box package for easy installation and usage.

Add a new stream of income by integrating a very affordable and easy-to-manage wifi hotspot solution to your line of business.
Low acquisition cost.
Ease of maintenance.
Low subscription charges.
We have a flexible package to fit the size and need of each client.

Contact us here for a free price quote.

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Are you an NGO based in Africa with active presence in rural communities? Are you looking for a way to reach out to donors and volunteers from around the globe? We can help with a free feature-rich website!

Free website design
Signup to request for evaluation and enrollment into the NGOconnect Programme. Domian & Hosting fees [N10,000]


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ICT Academy

Universal Entrepreneurial ICT Training (Univ-ICT) course modules are specially designed for those wishing to go into ICT as entrepreneurs, and e-business strategists. It is organized in a way to give you all the requisite skills needed to kick-start and maintain a strong lead in any information-based business environment.

Due to the enormous stress on Information Technology companies owing to unreliable public utilities and lack of strong infrastructural base, our courses comprise of series of modules tailored by industry experts to give you the technical know-how on practices and planning that will prepare you for any venture in the field in a very sustainable manner, thereby ensuring long-term success.

We invite you to be part of a training that gives the the secrets to beat the infrastructural gap in any part of the globe.

Through our online study portal, you undergo real-time training from the comfort of your home, or work place.

Our courses are organized in a manner that fully brings out and strengthens the entrepreneurial skills in each participant.

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miyapp gateway

Are your messages still arriving with rUPDATE to non-DND numbers?
Are you having issues delivering to MTN/DND-subscribed numbers?

We invite you to join a robust platform built from scratch with long-term success in mind.
Send sms for as low as N1.50 for a page!
Say a final goodbye to yearly webhosting and server maintenance fees now.

Integrate our API today and enjoy:
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